Rules & Things to Know

Things to Know Before Visiting

Wear closed toed shoes 
    Bring a light jacket, we keep it a little cooler for the animals
    No gum or sticky candy allowed
    No food or drinks allowed in the petting zoo area
    No non paying customers allowed to wait in the petting zoo building
    Rules in the petting zoo
    No running, jumping or screaming
    No hopping like a kangaroo
    No chasing animals, if the animals is moving away and you are still trying to pet it.This is considered chancing. Pet an animal that is not moving away.
    No picking up animals
    No sitting or laying on animals
    No throwing or playing in the sawdust
    No playing with the sticks and branches intended for the animals to chew on
    No trying to feed the animals hay or straw
    No touching heads or faces, only petting or brushing on the backs
    No playing in the animals waters
    Only go in enclosures marked enter (rabbits) and children must always be accompanied by an adult. Please do not even let the children operate the gates, this helps them to not slam shut and helps not let other animals in the pens.
    Children must be within arms reach of their adult at all times in all parts of the building
    No cell phone usages other than for taking pictures...If you must take a call, text or message, please leave the petting zoo area with your children.


120 138th Street South, Tacoma, WA, 98444


Phone: 253-539-5011


Sunday - 11AM-6PM
Monday - 11AM-6PM
Tuesday - 11AM-6PM
Wednesday - 11AM-6PM
Thursday - 11AM-6PM
Friday - 11AM-6PM
Saturday - 11AM-6PM